Małgosia Kurek

Error is just as important condition of life as truth.

Falsity cannot keep an idea from being beautiful. There are certain errors of such ingenuity that one could regret their not ranking among the achievements of the human mind.

MEMORY FRAMING examines the correct sense of illusive device of the human mind.

Małgosia Kurek

Throughout the experimental process of production, designer Malgosia Kurek established her own practice, combining high quality production techniques with traditional format of manual handcrafts- sew, embroidery and manual offset print crafts. Deconstructed industrial sewing machines, among deprogrammed manual offset printers, has frozen damages in a unique, unrepeatable final form.

‘Unlike attributes of the human memory, this T is ubreakable,’ says Malgosia. ‘Beginning with fair trade pure cotton cloth, produced to our order using unique silk jersey knitting technique, the result fullfilled our longing for the top quality everyday essential- carefree, but same time not only immaculately tailored and detailed, but also driven by the significant message. ‘

‘During lonely journeys I exposure the roll of film making a small sketch with each snap. Than, forget. After few month I exposure for the second time the same film. I look into my notes. I work on my memory recalling the ‘old’ frames and impose a new scene on the same film.’ – says Szymon.

The results are fascinating works, classified in a serie of t-shirts, five of which will go on sale this spring in a personalised package. Gathering all five together will allow the collector to receive sixth model, strictly unattainable, not on sale, personal suitted t-shirt.

Małgosia Kurek